Sideways Cross Necklace Meaning

sideways cross necklace meaning



If you where to ask some christian people about the sideways cross necklace meaning, they may have the opinion that the sideways cross goes against Christianity, however, it does not.

The side cross meaning is actually based on the resurrection of Jesus Christ and does not symbolize anything that would go against Christian beliefs.

A side cross is a symbol which represents that Jesus has risen from his tomb and the cross has been laid down to show that man has been saved.

A Sideways cross symbolizes the resurrection of the soul when Judgment Day comes.

What is the sideways cross necklace meaning

Some people think of the sideways cross necklace meaning as:

It is a representation of earth and mankind.

It represents Jesus carrying the cross and suffering for all mankind.

It represents the cross being laid down after Jesus rose from his tomb.

It represents being ready for the coming of the lord, with the cross facing God on Judgment Day.

It symbolizes that the person wearing the necklace is not a person who is self centered, but a person with class and dignity.

The sideways cross means different things to different people, & each person can use their own judgment on that.
At the present time, wearing a sideways cross necklace is a very big trend, and they come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, most of them are gold or silver however, they also available in titanium and other popular metals. It is also possible to have them incrusted with diamonds and with many different gemstones or colors.

The sideways cross necklace is worn on the neck or on the wrist as a sideways cross bracelet.
The sideways cross lays flat. and is usually worn up and down and wearing the symbol sideways is just a different type of expression or trend.

Many people through time have even had sideways crosses placed on their tombstones after death and this has been done many times throughout history and it is a representation of the resurrection of their hearts.

The Sweden Flag, The Finland Flag , and the Denmark Flag show a sideways cross on them.

The sideways cross  is a new type of fashion and a new trend, however the symbol has been around for a very long time… ever since Jesus walked the earth!

There are many necklaces that start trends year for year, but the sideways cross actually does make a real statement.
As mentioned above, many people interpret the sideways cross necklace meaning  in many different ways.

After doing a lot of reading on the subject, I have found that the main statement for the side cross meaning, is that Jesus really existed and died on the cross for the sins of all mankind, and did resurrect from his tomb after 3 days.

And the fact that the cross is toppled over  is to show that all mankind does now have the possibility to choose eternal life, instead of eternal damnation.

Many of the necklaces feature Raguel  which means “Friend of God”. Raguel is known as the archangel of justice and fairness & he oversees all the other archangels and angels.

He supervises over them to make sure they are all working well together in a harmonious and orderly fashion according to the Divine order and will of God.

It would be very difficult if not impossible to pinpoint only one meaning of the sideways cross necklace, and furthermore… What exactly this cross is intended to mean.. is a decision that each individual who wishes to wear the cross will have to decide for themselves, and no matter what meaning the sideways cross necklace has for each individual person… still.. it is sure to be stylish, trendy, and very fashionable.

The sterling silver sideways cross necklaces cost a lot less money than the gold ones or the ones made of precious and expensive stones. These necklaces have also became very popular among many celebrities including Selena Gomez and Jlo.

A sideways cross is a perfect gift for anyone and also great for any celebration.

Anyone should be able to easily find a design that is perfect for them or that special someone in their life.